Print to Mail Document Performance

Independent expertise at your service:  

Chicago and Milwaukee based JohnFinney Consulting offers 100% independent, unbiased niche expertise with 20 years experience in all phases of critical document communication and processing, we’ve seen it all from massive transactional data centers to small independent operations, the good the bad and the ugly…and no two are alike.

Why?  We’ll sit on your side of the table and help navigate through the complex maze of technologies to mitigate decision risk and recommend the optimal solutions for your critical print and mail processing needs, or just give feedback (report card) audit and recommendations on your existing operations.

Where we can help: 

  • Automation/equipment decisions
  • Need for cost reduction, merger or consolidation
  • BPO/outsourcing consideration, RPF, disaster recovery
  • Best practice and efficiency audits
  • Document security, integrity, audit tracking
  • Document content, marketing, color consideration


We seek clients with mission critical first-class transactional print mail challenges (bills, notices, statements…) and/or have the need to make tactical or strategic changes to document processing.reduce risk, minimize costs, best in class performance.

Services we offer:  

  • Spend, postage, materials audit
  • Print to Mail finishing and workflow audit
  • Document performance: content, color, TransPromo
  • Outsourcing considerations, RFP generation
  • Equipment and vendor evaluations
  • Document security, integrity review, disaster recovery


We prefer a collaborative, hands-on approach and seek clients that face a significant need to improve any or all phases of document management.

Results we can deliver:

  • Evaluate and advise on equipment replacement or upgrades
  • Reduce document processing costs or improve service levels
  • Consolidation of vendors and print/mail functions
  • Mitigate decision risk or validation
  • Improve document content, effectiveness, security
  • Optimize workflow, tracking, and cash flow/remittance
  • Maximize document content, messaging and marketing potential

Every engagement is unique and personally handled start to finish and beyond through implementation.  Beyond process, equipment and workflow…we also recognize the importance of the mail piece and the often untapped potential to improve your “document content” to make these critical communications clearer, more responsive and leverage cross-selling opportunities.

Whether your goals are to reduce print to mail processing costs, mitigate decision risk, streamline processes, improve document performance…we can help.   Call us to discuss:  847-284-9535

As a small business owner of 15 years we were stagnant in need of change, I appreciated John's fresh perspectives, field experience and practical hands on approach to help me to support and motivate my associates and improve sales...

Gary Gunderson
Owner, Recycle Technologies, Inc
Wood Dale, IL