Our Approach

Once we establish a fit and need, we work with you to map out the tactical and strategic challenges/opportunities and establish a scope of project with timelines and methods. During this initial phase we prefer to tour whatever operations are currently established and examine relevant documentation and processes. We try to take a “holistic” view of the entire document life cycle and mutually benchmark current practices to identify areas of immediate and long term improvement or savings, and how to get there.


Other considerations: We are happy to guide any equipment or vendor evaluations as a member of your team, representing you, our client. We assist to establish your requirements and objectives, and match the best solution(s) for you - we are your independent advocates.


We are project driven and have a systematic but uncomplicated approach, yet we consider every client engagement to be unique, and so we tailor our approach based on your situation and needs.  We work jointly with your management to set the project scope and assessment methods.


We are sensitive to internal politics and prefer a low key approach when working with associates, nothing is done without prior approval and weekly review updates are offered…here’s a brief outline of our methods and tools:


Phase I: Goals & Objectives

  • Determine management concerns and areas of focus
  • Understanding the current operational environment (SWOT analysis)
  • Establish preliminary scope, methods and objectives

Phase II: Access & Understand

  • Surveys and process benchmarking
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses and best practices (SWOT)
  • Mutually determine path forward options
  • Establish requirements and criteria and objectives

Phase III: Solution Reviews, Proposals, Evaluations

Phase IV: Implement, Revise and Monitor


As a small business owner of 15 years we were stagnant in need of change, I appreciated John's fresh perspectives, field experience and practical hands on approach to help me to support and motivate my associates and improve sales...

Gary Gunderson
Owner, Recycle Technologies, Inc
Wood Dale, IL