"Nothing happens until something is sold."

If you have a mission to maximize your sales force performance and grow your business (and who doesn't?) then you're at the right place.  Thank you for investing a few minutes on our site to get a feel for what we offer and how we operate, or just call us.


What's holding your company from reaching full potential?

You can evaluate, identify best practices, re-align and transform your sales tactics and strategy with internal resources, or you can use the outside perspectives of an objective consultant. Either way, we trust you are proactively managing this challenge before it gets ahead of you, revenues are the life blood of any company. These are still demanding times in 2017, and your market/industry is in constant change; are you staying ahead of it or reacting to it? Success (or not) is not a matter of one thing you do (or your competition does), it is a result of everything you do.


Let's optimize your competitive edge

  • Assess and sharpen essential sales skills
  • Improve accountability and activity levels
  • Maximize sales (face) time and remove distractions
  • Streamline management control and paperwork
  • Align goals with comp plans, creative incentives and desired behaviors
  • Improve morale, teamwork and communications
  • Efficiently align sales resources and support efforts
  • Identify and leverage best practices, remove roadblocks
  • Reduce turnover, develop and attract talent
  • Refine prospecting, lead generation, partnering channels
  • Define buyer profile and value selling approach
  • Review proposal, presentations, marketing collateral
  • Leverage key customers and competition weakness
  • Win more, lose less, raise customer satisfaction


“Control your own destiny or your competition will”  ~Jack Welch

Are you asking the tough questions, peeling the onion?

Why did you win/lose that last big deal? Why did those clients go to the competitor? Why did we gain those new customers from our competitor? Why is the pipeline always low in Q2? Why are Steve's sales margins always higher than Janes? Why did Mark suddenly leave us after 3 years? These are just a few examples of what Best Practice companies ask on a regular basis. Are you asking these?


From performance to proposals to presentations, we can cover it all. Why re-invent the wheel? You likely already have many of your best practices already in-house, they're just waiting to be found and shared.

Drive New Thinking - Fresh Perspectives and Insights


Sensible improvements, custom solutions.

Change doesn't have to include disruption; tactical or strategic, we consider change to be serious business, so we will only be recommending meaningful improvements that make solid sense for your sales model, and we will explain why.


We offer a holistic, collaborative, personalized approach to work as a team to understand your situation and where we can improve your sales efforts and culture to attain peak performance.  We can work embedded and hands-on or as coach to empower your management team to assess issues and implement improvements.


We agree with the subtitle of the best selling book "The Tipping Point", which is How little things can make a big difference or as a pilot friend once said, a small change in direction now results in a big change in destination later.


Simple Goal:  Attain maximum sales force potential


We bring 20+ years of field sales experience in the competitive Chicago market, and whether you hunt rabbits or elk, we understand all aspects of sales force strategy, dynamics and process. We seek companies with proactive leadership that recognize the need to evolve due to flat, declining, under performing sales, or open new markets and product launches. We are flexible, adaptable and collaborative in our approach.


Diagnose, align, improve skills, build trust, listen to customers - we are experienced in strategic, relationship based B2B sales cycles as well as tactical or transactional based selling models heavy in new business and prospecting.

Either way, everyone in your company benefits from a refined, efficient sales plan. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge, lets work together to build on strengths and fix weaknesses with a customized solution geared toward a stronger, more effective and re-energized sales force. Read more about Our Approach.

Red Flags and Symptoms


Today, more than ever, companies fiercely compete for decision makers attention and sales dollars, often they need to do more with less.  Many companies are dealing with the challenges of a sluggish economy, shrinking market share, rising competition or a stagnant sales force.  Perhaps you just need some fresh outside perspectives to help shake things up for the better? Are you taking advantage of best practices, is something holding your sales force performance back?  Let's find out.



Approach:  Holistic, Collaborative, Agile

Regardless of your product line or buyer profile, we seek to operate as a strategic partner with your management to consider all aspects of your sales efforts and sales support culture. Or we can simply work on assignments such as individual skill assessments or focus on a struggling product or sales region.  Together we formulate a flexible plan of approach, methods and goals… You retain control of each phase and monitor progress at every step.


We’re as hands-on as you like, or we'll coach your management team from the sidelines…it’s your call.   We also believe some of the best ideas for improvement can be trapped within your own organization and customer base waiting to be heard (have you seen TV’s Undercover Boss?), and so we can use surveys and interviews, formal or informal, to uncover issues and solutions. Read more about our Beliefs and Objectives.


Unique background:  20 years in Chicago field sales

Founder John Finney has worked as a field sales consultant in the highly competitive Chicago market for over 20 years for two industry leading Euro/American manufacturers.  He has sold over $50 million in equipment and services into scores of companies of all sizes and in all industries. More About Us


John has benefited and learned by working with dozens of managers, under many sales schemes, and has received excellent regular skills training.  He has been a student of the game throughout his career and kept up with current thought leadership and books on the subject of sales refinement.  He has seen companies with thriving sales forces, as well as those struggling to keep customers, gain from this experience to avoid pitfalls and maximize success.   Read Our Story