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Unique Experience, Expertise, Perspectives


John Finney offers field proven fresh ideas and perspectives designed around your company and culture. He applies his field experience, supplemented by subject matter studies/books, to offer a collaborative process with your management to create a flexible program tailored to your needs and requirements.


Have you done everything possible to strengthen your sales team and foster a winning culture?  We review areas of primary concern and opportunity, looking at both strengths, weaknesses and any dysfunction, as well as trends and competitive landscape to establish meaningful project scope and goals.


What's holding back your sales team?


We prefer to take a holistic approach, meaning we don’t just focus on the field sales, but also look at all aspects of company including support departments, direct management, communications, processes/paperwork…as one organization, not individual entities with various agendas.


We believe in a healthy sales culture, which includes process improvements to accountability, alignment, best practices, management control, open communication, teamwork, incentives, maximizing selling timeand more. We also believe that many productive ideas may be trapped within your own people (and customers), and works to unlock that vital feedback. We believe that your sales force represents a special team that may have untapped potential  that can most directly impact the success and growth of your company.


For more insights and perspectives, like Ever wonder why PGA pros all have swing coaches or How does a 140 lb wolf take down a 2,000 buffalo? or the connection between a Ballerina and a Ice Fisherman?  visit Johns Blog.


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As a small business owner of 15 years we were stagnant in need of change, I appreciated John's fresh perspectives, field experience and practical hands on approach to help me to support and motivate my associates and improve sales...

Gary Gunderson
Owner, Recycle Technologies, Inc
Wood Dale, IL