Simple Approach

...past, present, and future.


We think good consulting is adaptable and arrives with an open mind, and while we have some preconceived ideas, we customize every solution to your dynamics. Doing the job right requires asking some tough questions before we can get down to business. Pain is the gap between what you want/expect and what you have/reality…where have you been, where are you now, where do you want to be?


Several approaches - one goal.


Every client engagement is unique, and we will only spend time where we need to. We offer a flexible approach based on your situation and needs, and we can assist your team in a number of different ways, be creative, use our experience to help diagnose and implement improvements, tactical or strategic. We work jointly with your management to set the project scope, goals and engagement terms. We also offer a coach the coach plan where we provide you the tools to self-diagnose and correct.


Change does not have to mean disruption, and so we are sensitive to your culture and internal politics when working with associates and collecting information. While we prefer a holistic approach, we are open to tactical assignments such as playing under-cover prospects or trade-show visitors to simply survey customers and associates to provide you feedback. Here’s a brief outline of a typical approach:


Phase I:   Goals & Objectives

  • Determine management concerns, areas of focus, proper fit
  • Understand dynamics of the business, marketplace, internal culture
  • Identify tactical and strategic areas of opportunity
  • Establish preliminary scope, methods, timelines and objectives

Phase II:   Assess & Understand (collaborative)

  • Interviews and surveys (internal and external customers)
  • Review performance trends and turnover
  • Gather surveys, interviews feedback
  • Review industry dynamics, competition, product life cycle
  • Determine internal strengths, weaknesses and best practices (SWOT)
  • Examine sales culture, process and tools
  • Review inner workings, support staff, teamwork, synergies
  • Review management tools, CRM and accountability

Phase III:   Review Results and Recommendations

Phase IV:   Implement, Revise and Monitor