Beliefs and Objectives

Common traits of a healthy sales culture...


After 20 years working in field sales under many managers and schemes, here’s a short list of our core beliefs.  We think it’s important to determine if we are on the same page, or not, and while we approach each client as unique, we believe it is important to:  1.  Improve sales force skills and support, 2. Maximizing selling time (minimize distractions, road blocks), and 3. Give freedom to Play by Big Boy/Girl Rules with clear accountability for results - in other words sharpen skills, give them support, get out of the way and keep them accountable.  Also see our Sales Blogs for more insights:


  • Continuous improvement, embrace change as a constant
  • Its not one thing you do, its everything you do
  • Happy, engaged associates are more productive
  • Winning is fun and fixes many problems, breeds confidence
  • Align sales roles and skill levels to assignments
  • Fine-tune efficient sales channels, understand buyer motives
  • Importance of sales development, skills and best practices
  • Optimize selling time, reduce roadblocks, distractions & time wasters
  • Big boy rules with transparency & accountability for results
  • If you cant measure it, you cant manage it
  • Coordinated messaging, proposals and presentations
  • Identify, learn from and reward A players and internal Go-To support
  • Build on internal strengths and fix weakness
  • Leverage customer base and competition weakness
  • Alignment of company goals with incentives to drive behavior
  • Ease of doing business both internally and externally
  • Opportunity, equity/fairness, inclusion and empowerment
  • Listen to associates and customers, sharing information



Bottom line results…

Good people, communication, skills, teamwork, support, accountability.are key elements of a healthy culture and effective sales force.  Below is a short list of some outcomes we strive to deliver:

  • Stronger sales performance & win rates
  • Reduced cost per sales dollar
  • Improved leadership & support culture
  • Alignment of sales approach to buyer profiles
  • Reduced sales turnover/improved morale
  • Streamlined sales process & ease of doing business
  • Alignment of goals with performance incentives
  • Better communication, teamwork & accountability
  • More selling time, less distractions & barriers
  • Improve management tools & control
  • Sales skills assessment & training

.…real value from experienced, objective analysis and fresh perspectives.


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