Who We Can Help - Sensible Change

Rebuild or tune-up, build on strengths, fix weaknesses


What is holding your company back from reaching full potential?  We believe sensible, positive change is good, especially in the dynamic world of sales. Does any of the following apply to your company?


  • Under-performing, stagnant or declining sales
  • Reduced selling price & margins
  • Legacy or new management needing fresh ideas
  • Mergers, consolidations, new products or markets
  • A few A players, many B players and C players
  • Low morale, internal silos & roadblocks
  • Limited sales coverage and channels
  • Turnover/recruiting and retention issues
  • Low or inconsistent performing regions, individuals
  • Customer service, response or billing issues
  • Mature products and rising competition
  • Weak or stale sales/marketing tools
  • Weak reporting tools/forecasting data, CRM


Areas of Focus


Below is a partial list of common tactical and strategic areas of interest and opportunity when assessing strengths and weaknesses of your sales efforts and culture, typical areas of improvement:


  • Proposals, Presentations, Collateral, Tools
  • Forecasting, Business Plans, Management Controls
  • CRM, Activity Reporting, Order Processing
  • Competition Analysis, Best Practices, Go-To players
  • New Business Prospecting (hunting vs farming)
  • Incentive Alignment, Past Performance and Coverage Analysis
  • Teamwork, Mentoring, Communication
  • Interviews/Surveys, Focus Group, Customer Surveys
  • Sales channels, Skills and Process Assessment
  • Training Modules and Templates:
    • - Account Development and Tracking
    • - Listening & Negotiation
    • - Closing & Objection Handling
    • - Prospecting & Cold Calling (Hunt vs Farm)
    • - Presentation Skills & Proposals
    • - Management Tools & Reporting




Are you open to explore sensible change in the spirit of improvement and evolution? We will work with your team on every phase, all on the same page, no surprises. Or we can coach you to peel the onion yourself.

As a small business owner of 15 years we were stagnant in need of change, I appreciated John's fresh perspectives, field experience and practical hands on approach to help me to support and motivate my associates and improve sales...

Gary Gunderson
Owner, Recycle Technologies, Inc
Wood Dale, IL